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  • Janganpyeong, Seoul to Turn into a Car Aftermarket by 2021

  • Urban Planning News SMG 4061

    The Janganpyeong Used Car Market, built in 1979, will be reborn as the country’s only car aftermarket providing all used car-related services, including import/distribution of car parts and recycling of parts, by 2021.

    On Wednesday, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan for the reinvigoration of the 508,390㎡ area of Janganpyeong. It has been noted that facilities of the country’s single largest used car market, where more than 10,000 cars are traded every day, are dilapidated and badly need to be rearranged.

    The core of the plan is to transform the area into an “Mecca” of the car aftermarket by reinvigorating the used cars and the automotive parts industry utilizing the experience accumulated in the past 40 years. The plan includes the modernization of the market, including parts vendors. A used parts recycling innovation center, the first of its kind in the country, will also be built on the site to provide support for recycling used parts.

    The plan has four objectives: provision of support for, and modernization of, local industries; invigoration of exports; and the enhancement of car-related culture. The area will become a location specializing in ① transaction, ② repair/tuning, ③ parts, ④ recycling parts.

    Meanwhile, the SMG is building the Automotive Industry Information Center, a three-story building with a total floor space of 1,018㎡, in Janganpyeong in a bid to invigorate the automotive industry. The center will house an urban regeneration center, an export support center, a tuning/exhibition place, and a place for self-repair. Education of employees engaged in car transactions and programs for teaching tuning skills and providing support for startups will also be provided here.