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  • “It’s time to show your love for Seoul!” Seoul Fan Contest

  • SMG 3984

    'It's time to show your love for Seoul!' Seoul Fan 
Contest It’s time for YOU, global fans of Seoul, to show us something!
We have prepared a special event to thank the support from you.
Please read below to take part of the event. Contest Theme A User-Created Content showing your love for Seoul
It can be anything: photos, videos, drawings, sculptures, redesigning of logo, etc. Qualification Global citizens who don't hold Korean nationality Running Period Dec. 4 ~ Dec. 16, 2019 How to apply ❶ Follow Seoul city’s Instagram account (@iseoulu)
❷ Upload your work on Instagram with hashtags: 
      #seoulfancontest #seoulfancontest2019 Prize The 1st winner iPad Pro 3 Wi-Fi 512GB 
+ Apple Pencil 2 
(1 person) The 2nd winner Seoul T-shirt and 
Souvenir Kit 
(10 people) The 3rd winner Korean snack box
(50 people) Winner Announcement The prize winners will be announced on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website 
and Instagram on December 19, 2019. We will also contact you individually, so please 
keep your Instagram DM box in check. 
* If you don’t reply us back after three announcements, your prize will be invalidated. Keep in mind… ❶ Copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicants. However, the awarded content can  
      later be used to promote social media account of Seoul city after consultation.
❷ If your work is found to be engaged in plagiarism, fabrication, or unauthorized use, it will be  
      excluded from our review, and the applicant is responsible for legal issues.
❸ The winner’s prize will be revoked and it must be returned when the work is found to be engaged in 
      plagiarism, fabrication, or theft of content.
❹ The evaluation criteria are specified by the Seoul City Branding officers. The criteria won’t be 
     disclosed for the fairness of upcoming events.
❺ Submitted content meeting the below will be excluded from the evaluation:
      • Unauthorized use or derogatory remarks to certain objects(ex. Individual, region, organization, company, etc.).
      • A work that includes political ideology, discrimination, and violent image or lines.
      • A work that does not match the theme of the contest
❻ There is no set limit for the number of content, but you won’t be awarded twice.
❼ The Seoul Metropolitan Government is responsible for the prize delivery costs. 
      However, we aren’t in charge of tariffs and taxes incurred additionally.