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  • I·SEOUL·U Receives Red Dot Design Award 2016

  • SMG 6497

    I·SEOUL·U, a new brand of Seoul City, received the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016, one the world’s top-3 design awards, along with the International Forum Design Award of Germany and the IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) of the United States.

    The Red Dot Design Award is organized by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen of Germany and marks its 61st anniversary in 2016. The annual award is composed of three sectors: Product Design, Communication Design, and Concept Design. The winner of the annual award is selected among over 7,000 works submitted by individuals and organizations in over 50 countries based on design quality, innovativeness, functionality, esthetic quality, and other related factors.

    This year, hopeful candidates from 46 countries submitted their works in the Communication Design sector, and judges from 26 countries took part in the selection. Winners in the sector in 2015 were Audi, Pepsi, Carlsberg, LGU+, and Kia Motors.

    I·SEOUL·U displays values like harmony, passion, and composure, which were selected through Seoulites’ participation, in a refined design. The red and blue dots before and after the word SEOUL signify passion and composure, respectively, and the entire brand indicates their coexistence. The use of “ㆁ,” which is one of the 14 traditional consonants of Hangeul (the Korean alphabet), in SEOUL is an attempt to indicate harmony between Asia and the western world.

    The Red Dot Design Award presentation ceremony will be held at the Konzerthaus Berlin (Berlin Concert House), Germany on August 11. I·SEOUL·U, which has been selected as an award winner, will be displayed at the Red Dot Design Museum and recorded at the Red Dot Design Almanac.