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  • Invitation of foreign power bloggers for promotion of Cityto promote the city’s B&B among foreign tourists

  • Culture & Tourism news SMG 5221
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization invite foreign power bloggers to help promote Seoul’s bed and breakfast (guest house/homestay) providers and relevant sites among overseas tourists as part of the project to support B&B services for international tourists. Our priority target will be the Global Seoul Mates. If you’re interested in our invitation, please read the following details and submit an application.

    1. Application period: January 5 (Sun.) ~ 12 (Sun.), 2014 (8 days)

    2. Invitees:  maximum of 20 foreigners residing in Korea that regularly post on leading global SNS sites
    ※ Foreigners who have worked as Global Seoul Mates are preferred

    3. Activities
    – Main activities
    ▶Experience the city’s B&B accommodations and post your comments on your SNS sites.
    ▶ Book a B&B through the city’s official B&B website (stay.visitseoul.net) and promote the website by introducing the booking process in your posting.
    – Additional activities
    ▶Visit key tourist attractions near your B&B and include information and your comments on them in your posting.

    4. Proposed schedule

    – Announcement of invitees
    : Invitees will be contacted individually.
    – Selection and booking of B&B
    : Invitees are to book the rooms they want on the city’s official B&B website (stay.visitseoul.net) during the invitation period (Jan. 18 ~ 25, 2014).
    – B&B experience and tour of nearby tourist attractions
    : Carry out tasks as requested by the Seoul Tourism Organization during your 3 day/2 night stay (Invitees will be duly informed of the details of the tasks).
    – Posting of comments on your experience and payment to your account
    : Post your comments and photos from your experience on your SNS sites. Your costs will be reimbursed after your tasks have been completed

    5. Payment details (350,000  per person)
    – Lodging expense: 100,000 x 2 nights x 1 person = 200,000
    – Transportation /other expense: KRW 150,000  x 1 person = KRW 150,000
    ▶ Reimbursement of actual expenses will be made within the limit of the above amounts upon submission of relevant receipts.

    6. Support
    – Application to be submitted to
    : Tourism Business Team, Seoul Tourism Organization
    (e-mail: younglim.lee@seoulwelcome.com)
    – Required documents
    : 1 copy of the application form (English), 1 copy of ID card, 1 copy of bankbook

    7. Contact
    – Lee Young-lim, Tourism Business Team, Seoul Tourism Organization
    (e-mail: younglim.lee@seoulwelcome.com)

    Thank you.