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  • Introduction of “Low-Floor Bus” Phone Reservations for Transportation of Wheelchair Users and Mobility Impaired Individuals

  • SMG 2361

    Seoul will begin use of the “Low-Floor Bus Reservation System” starting April 1 (Mon.). This system allows for mobility impaired individuals, such as those using wheelchairs, to easily board and get off city buses, while alerting bus drivers in advance the stops at which these individuals will be boarding through a phone reservation service.
    The “low-floor buses” do not have boarding stairs, and instead have low frames with slopes that allow for the boarding of wheelchairs and strollers. The buses have two foldable, reserved seats for mobility impaired individuals.

    The “Low-floor Bus Reservation System” is a system in which a user can directly call the bus transportation company while waiting at the bus stop and make a reservation to book a bus of choice. This system will be applied to all 3,366 low-floor buses in operation throughout Seoul. Originally, information on low-floor buses was only available through the Bus Information Terminals (BIT) or the Seoul TOPIS app, but there were cases in which the driver and user’s inability to communicate resulted in the passing by of the waiting passenger or failure to board buses due to different boarding locations.

    Bus drivers who receive reservation messages can check the locations of the mobility impaired in order to assist them in boarding safely, in guiding them to their designated seats, and in helping them disembark at their destinations.

    Reservations for the low floor-bus can be made at all times excluding rush hour times (07:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m./6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.) and late-night hours (12:00 a.m.-).

    To increase the convenience of bus use for mobility impaired individuals, Seoul plans to increase the number of low-floor buses from the current 47% to 65% on running bus routes by 2021, and up to 100% by 2025. The reservation system will also be applied to low-floor buses that are added in the future.