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  • Introduction of “IoT-based Shared Parking Service” in Residential Green Parking Lots

  • Traffic News SMG 2595

    Seoul’s “Green Parking” project, in which walls in residential areas are torn down to make room for local parking lots, will introduce a real-time parking space sharing system that applies IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in the name of progress. Before, the Green Parking project’s focus was on expanding the number of places to park. Now, it will aim at sharing these newly acquired parking spaces with others to earn more money and relieve residential parking congestion.

    The real-time IoT-based parking space sharing system puts IoT sensors underneath parking spaces to monitor parking availability in real time. Users can use the public parking space sharing app to check for Green Parking spaces nearby, make reservations, and pay.

    For this project, Seoul will be regularly recruiting participants, who will take part in the real-time parking space sharing system, through the appropriate departments in each autonomous district. Selected households can receive full support for fees related to sensor installation.

    By introducing this shared parking system to Green Parking lots, the city expects to resolve parking related problems in residential areas, create a sense of community between neighbors who lacked communication before due to all the walls, and contribute to the formation of a parking space sharing culture.

    Seoul created 55,381 parking spaces between 2004 and 2018 through the Green Parking project. Residents who got parking spaces through Green Parking have shown a positive reaction and the city and autonomous districts have seen reductions in illegal alleyway parking thanks to these improvements in the circumstances of parking, and it was done at one-ninth the cost of creating off-street parking spaces.