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  • Introduction of an Additional 8,000 Upgraded QR-type Ttareungi

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    With the increasing popularity of Seoul’s public bicycle “Ttareungi” due to COVID-19, a new model with enhanced features is being introduced for the safety and convenience of users.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will introduce an additional 8,000 new QR-type Ttareungi with a more robust frame by the end of December 2020. 23,000 new QR-type Ttareungi with a simplified rental process are expected to become available this year, and all bicycles will be replaced with new QR-type Ttareungi by 2022.

    The frame of the existing Ttareungi was reinforced to become more robust, improving the breaks in the 24-inch L-shaped bicycle structure. The frame has been designed to keep the design and symbol of Ttareungi.

    <Ttareungi with reinforced top tube>

    Bikes with QR terminals introduced in March 2020 can be easily returned by pulling the lock lever to lock at the Ttareungi rental stations throughout Seoul. To solve the problem of being difficult to see at night and to increase the convenience in returning the bikes, the lock lever has been changed from the original black to green, the representative color of Ttareungi, improving visibility and convenience.

    In addition, the SMG announced that it has finally confirmed the name of the 20-inch “Small Ttareungi,” of which the size and weight has been reduced, as “Saessak Ttareungi.” 2000 “Saessak Ttareungi” will be gradually introduced starting from the end of November 2020 when the introduction of general Ttareungi is complete. Songpa-gu and Gangdong-gu are being reviewed for pilot operation.

    <Saessak Ttareungi>

    In addition, the SMG regularly conducted disinfection and prevention measures for all rental stations in Seoul in accordance with the outbreak of COVID-19 and installed two hand sterilizers at each rental location. All Ttareungi handles and terminal LCD screens in Seoul are sterilized with eco-friendly, spray-type sterilizers before being placed back on site.

    In addition, Seoul has been securing public jobs for disadvantaged groups in terms of employment to strengthen the COVID-19 prevention and disinfection starting in August and formed a total of 140 Ttareungi disinfection teams. Through the operation of the Ttareungi disinfection teams, the prevention and disinfection system is being thoroughly operated through frequent sterilization of the surfaces of facilities, such as rental stations and bicycles, and by checking the remaining amount of hand sterilizer and replacing when necessary.

    <Ttareungi Disinfection Team>