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  • Introducing Seoul’s Walking Tour Courses

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    Introducing Seoul’s Walking Tour Courses

    Seoul will be introducing three walking courses (Deoksugung Palace – Jeong-dong Course, Mongchontoseong Fortress Course, Seoullo Night Course) to the city’s already-existing 33 walking tour courses.

    The first course, the Deoksugung Palace – Jeong-dong Course, starts at Deoksugung Palace and travels along the tranquil stone wall path, passing the Seoul Museum of Art, the Chungdong First Methodist Church, and the Former Russian Legation (2.3 km, 2-hour course) for a tour of Korea’s modern, present-day history. The second course, the Mongchontoseong Fortress Course, is themed around the history and nature of Baekje, following a path that passes by the Pungnaptoseong Fortress, Mongchontoseong, the Peace Plaza, and the Seoul Baekje Museum (4 km, 2-hour, 30-minute course) for spiritual healing in the city. The last course, the Seoullo Night Course, offers a view of the beautiful, natural scenery of Seoul’s representative tourist attraction, Namsan Mountain, from Seoullo to Hanyangdoseong (Seoul City Wall), Baekbeom Plaza, and Sungnyemun Gate (2 km, 2-hour course).
    Seoul currently operates 33 Seoul Walking Tour Courses with cultural tour guides. Reservations can be made for free at the Seoul Walking Tour website (http://korean.visitseoul.net/walking-tour), with guides available in four languages (Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese).