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  • Introducing Seoul Through Arirang TV, the International Broadcasting Network

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    Introducing Seoul Through Arirang TV, the International Broadcasting Network

    Seoul will further extend its urban marketing with the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation’s Arirang TV, which is viewed by nearly 140 million households in 105 countries throughout the world in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania.

    For example, Seoul’s excellent policies or information on lifestyle, culture, travel, and events that are helpful to foreigners will be broadcasted, as news, in English to viewers around the globe through Arirang TV’s overseas broadcasts and on SNS channels. A special program introducing Seoul will be produced utilizing the global network held by Arirang TV to promote telecasting on influential television media in England and America. A Seoul publicity video starring globally recognized celebrities will be made to introduce to the world the harmony of tradition and modernity found in Seoul.

    On April 29, 2019, Seoul concluded the “Seoul-International Broadcasting Foundation MOU on Overseas Publicity” to launch the overseas, partnered marketing.

    Both parties agreed to five areas of cooperation: ① support for overseas joint publicity and marketing activities for Seoul, ② production and expansion of English news programs, ③ co-production and support for publicity and news programs, ④ provision of data and information for broadcast production related to publicity and provision of production benefits, and ⑤ provision of a discounted rate in advertisement inserts and sharing of mutually retained resources.

    Furthermore, in addition to joint marketing with the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation, Seoul plans to begin global marketing projects with production and expansion of online and offline urban publicity and advertising contents in Southeast Asia, where there is higher recognition of Seoul, and to publicize Seoul at festivals in major cities around the world.