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  • Introducing New QR-type Ttareungi

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    Starting on March 1, Seoul will introduce QR-type Ttareungi that allows users to borrow and return bikes easily by simply scanning a QR code. Saessak Ttareungi (Budding Ttareungi) that can be safely used by elementary and middle school students will also be introduced for the first time.

    In response to the spread of COVID-19, Seoul, in cooperation with the Seoul Facilities Corporation, has regularly disinfected all 1,540 Ttareungi rental stations and equipped them with hand sanitizer. Ttareungi bikes in Seoul are distributed only after their handles and LCDs have been disinfected by eco-friendly, spray-type disinfectant.

    Seoul announced that starting on March 1, 2020 (Sun.), the pilot introduction of 500 QR-type Ttareungi bikes will take place in green traffic zones within the four main gates of the city, and this number will be expanded to 5,000 within the first half of this year. All Ttareungi bikes that will be newly operated starting this year will be QR-type and the old LCD terminals will be replaced with QR-types so that replacement of all bikes can be accomplished by 2022.

    A new QR-type Ttareungi bike has a QR-type terminal on it, along with a smart lock based on IoT technology. When users scan the QR code on the bike with their mobile phones, the bike is automatically unlocked and ready for use. To return it, users simply have to pull the lock lever down to lock the bike. Compared to the existing LCD terminal, the QR-type one provides the advantages of lower management costs and fewer breakdowns.

    Introducing New QR-type Ttareungi
    [Current Version] LCD Terminal [Improved Version] Smart Lock Terminal (QR)

    Moreover, a new QR-type Ttareungi bike is equipped with a real-time location-tracking function using LTE communications network, which will fundamentally prevent the unauthorized use of Ttareungi.

    Seoul will also pursue the pilot introduction of “Saessak Ttareungi” so that elementary and middle school students under 15 years of age, who are currently not permitted to use Ttareungi, can use one for commuting to school or academy.

    Additionally, Seoul will double the number of Ttareungi rental stations to 3,040 (from the current 1,540) by the end of the year to reinforce accessibility and the role of public bikes as a life-friendly means of transportation.