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  • Introducing Jung-gu across the Globe during the Inter-Korean Summit

  • Press Releases SMG 840
    • Press center in DDP during the inter-Korean summit to introduce Jung-gu to foreign journalists
    • Big banners and video clips of the inter-Korean summit on buildings
    • PR booth nearby Press Center to distribute the English version of Jung-gu’s newsletter with a special feature

    “Golden opportunity to introduce Jung-gu across the world”

    Main press center will be installed in DDP in Jung-gu. The press center will deliver the news of the 3rd round of inter-Korean summit in 2018, starting from 18th September. As such, Jung-gu, led by Yangho Seo, is busy with gaining attention from foreign journalists.

    A lot of foreign journalists from the globe visit Jung-gu during that period. Jung-gu is actively engaged in the PR activities to give a strong impression to journalists.

    It is to help foreign journalists better understand Jung-gu where Press Center is located, and contribute to the successful inter-Korean summit by providing convenient services and guides.

    In this regard, Jung-gu provides various PR contents for foreign journalists.

    The most noticeable effort is displaying the large banners and video clips on the walls of the building nearby the DDP, to promote the atmosphere of the historic event. Jung-gu made agreement with Dongdaemun Tourism District Committee to put up big banners on the walls of Milliore, Good Morning City, Hello APM and Doosan Tour.

    The banners display the Korean and English phrases and images filled with the wish for successful inter-Korean summit, peace and displaced people’s wish along with the Summit’s official slogan titled “Peace, New Start.”

    The outside screen on the Lotte Pitin building will play a PR video created by Jung-gu throughout the Summit period. The 30-second-long video includes interviews with displaced people living in Jung-gu, to deliver a message of peace and unification.

    Jung-gu will install a PR booth outside Press Center and introduce Jung-gu to foreign journalists. Jung-gu plans to put up video clips and photo exhibits for PR. Jung-gu also dispatches its office employees fluent in foreign languages to provide guide services regarding convenient facilities in the surround area.

    Jung-gu will publish 3,000 copies of its monthly newsletter “Jung-gu Square” in English version as an extra edition. The newsletters will be displayed in Press Center and Jung-gu’s PR booths. The newsletter is printed in double-side and tabloid size so that journalists can read them with convenience.

    The special edition of the newsletter introduces famous restaurants in Jung-gu which serve North Korean food such as Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles), Eobokjaengban (boiled meat platter), dumplings and Jokbal (Korean Braised Pig’s Trotters). The newsletter also covers Jung-gu’s famous tourist attractions like Sungnyemun Gate, Namsan Mountain, Namdaemun Market and Myeong-dong to help the journalists’ reporting.

    Jung-gu will encourage restaurants in the district to put up a welcoming sign so that it can provide convenience for foreign journalists and promote the district’s reputation during the inter-Korean summit period.

    This movement started as the leader of Jung-gu, Yangho Seo, got informed that DDP was the candidate place of the main press center. Seo took this as the golden opportunity to introduce Jung-gu to the world and worked hard to win this project.

    Seo said “We will extend open arms of welcome to the journalists together with the wish of the successful summit and peace as Koreans, and the Jung-gu residents’ wish to give a great welcome to our guests.” He added that “We will do our best to introduce Jung-gu as a district of peace and the hub of Seoul.”