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  • International students met Mayor Park to present ideas

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held “The 2nd Seoul Town Meeting 2012” in the Global Lounge of Yonsei University on Thursday, August 23. Mayor Park Won Soon and more than 100 international students and foreigners participated in the meeting. Various topics were dealt with and the students’ policy proposals concluded the event.

    The Seoul Town Meeting was launched in 2000 and 2012 marked its 13th anniversary. So far, the meetings have offered opportunities for foreigners from diverse backgrounds to talk about the discomforts they experience here

    in Seoul and ways to improve the daily lives of foreigners living in Seoul. The latest Seoul Town Meeting was combined with “The 5th Seoul International Student Forum (SISF),” which worked for two months in July and August 2012, to present policy changes for the city of Seoul. SISF has been run by the city since 2008. Selected international students in Seoul are required to experience the city administration for two months and to then present their innovative ideas. The goal is to create an environment that foreigners find comfortable. As of the end of March 2012, there are 30,000 international students in Seoul.

    The Seoul Town Meeting was finished off with the policy presentations on 6 topics by the 100 international students, who had been divided into 6 groups, that saw and experienced plenty of Seoul’s administration for the two months of July and August. Each team came up with their respective policy ideas through a lot of preparations and meetings.