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  • International Residents in Seoul to Realize Their Dreams at Business Start-up School

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will conduct an intensive two-week Business Start-up School Program for International Residents, which was conceived to assist foreigners hoping to start up a business in Seoul.

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    The Seoul Global Center has been conducting the Business Start-up School Program for International Residents in Seoul since 2009. The upcoming Business Start-up School, which will open on September 19, will offer education focused on core matters when opening a business in Seoul, ranging from basic information such as the startup process, permissions and approvals, and labor issues, to target marketing, the opening of Internet shopping malls, and the acquisition of patents.

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    Additionally, the course will offer a special lecture by a foreigner invited from among previous graduates of the start-up school who have successfully start up a business in Korea, in order to help would-be foreign CEOs boost their capacities through mentoring.

    From this year, people who have completed the Business Start-up School Program for International Residents will be entitled to benefit from the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Small and Medium Business Promotion Fund, and could receive up to 50 million won in startup loans.

    Furthermore, the course will offer one-on-one consulting in various fields, including financial matters, marketing and public relations, all of which can emerge as important issues following business startup. By so doing, it aims to provide support to ensure that new companies get beyond the startup phase and continue operating successfully.

    The Business Start-up School Program for International Residents will take place at the Korea Press Center in Taepyeong-ro, Jung-gu from 7 pm to 9 pm during weekdays, thus taking into account the situation of employed foreigners who may not be able to take time off during the day.

    Thus far, the Business Start-up School Program for International Residents has produced a total of 275 graduates, of whom 31 people from 16 countries have successfully launched businesses in various fields, including the wholesale and retail, education, and dining sectors.

    Additionally, Korean – Start-up School Lectures for foreigners from non-English-speaking countries, who are not proficient in English, will also be held throughout October and December. To support foreigners who cannot afford to attend lectures due to time and geographical constraints, video lectures are also provided via the website, free of charge.

    The next “Business Start-up School Program for International Residents” will take place in November. For further details, please visit the Seoul Global Center website at (http://global.seoul.go.kr), or dial +82-2-2075-4112.