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  • International Competition for I・SEOUL・U Product Design

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    International Competition for I・SEOUL・U Product Design

    Seoul City will be holding the 2018 International Competition for I·SEOUL·U Product Design to push forward the development of various products based on the subject. This competition is open to everyone, starting from university students, to designers, small and micro-enterprises, citizens, and foreigners. The winners will be connected to city-related organizations and matched with cooperation companies to make their project into real products, and they will be given the opportunity to distribute and sell them on the market.

    The city of Seoul wished to build its brand together with the citizens, as a citizen-led design. Accordingly, it is currently strengthening -i seoul u as a familiar citizen brand that is present in their daily life, while also starting to develop products in order to establish the brand as a global brand that foreigners also long for.

    The city will be receiving applications for products, from October 1st to 10th, 5 PM through the official website (http://www.kicpd.com). The competition will be divided into two categories: 3D products and 2D designs.

    From stationery to fancy goods, household utensils, clothing, accessories, and more, there are no restrictions on the nature of three-dimensional products as long as they include I·SEOUL·U. The consumer price of the finished product, however, must be less than KRW 100,000. The same goes for 2D designs: participants may submit any drawing file of a design that includes I·SEOUL·U, such as visual designs, digital contents designs, SP designs, fashion beauty designs, etc.

    The city will award a total of KRW 10 million to the winners of the contest, including a KRW 2 million grand prize for a three-dimensional product and a KRW 1 million grand prize for a 2D design, as well as the Seoul Grand Prize award.

    Competition Outlines

    • Competition Name: 2018 International Competition for -i seoul u Product Design
    • Competition Theme: -i seoul u
    • Categories: 3D products, 2D designs (2 categories)
    • Application Schedule
      • ○ Application period: October 1st, 2018 to October 10th, 2018 (5 PM)
      • ○ Result announcement: November 2nd, 2018 (TBD)
      • ○ The ceremony of Awards: November 15th, 2018 (TBD)
    • Category Details
      • ○ 3D products: Products that can be mass-produced for around KRW 100,000 such as stationery, fancy goods, household utensils, clothing, accessories, souvenir crafts, etc.
      • ○ 2D designs: Seoul brand product design graphics
    • How to Compete
      • ○ 3D products: Both real and image files must be submitted.
        • – Real, life-size products: Submit by mail/image files: Submit online
        • – Mail submissions: 5th floor, Heukjeok Building, 6, Insadong 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
        • ※ Oct. 1st to 10th 2018. Must be mailed by 5 PM.
        • – Online submissions: http://www.kicpd.com
        • – A4 size, 150 dpi, PDF or JPEG file
      • ○ 2D designs: Submit an image file
        • – Online exhibits at http://www.kicpd.com
        • – A4 size, 150 dpi, PDF or JPEG file
        • – Submit visual products related to the idea of -i seoul u as an image file
        • – Submit product description, idea introduction, and other details (product specification, raw materials, the desired price of sale, etc.)
        • – Video submissions: Upload a file with a link to the video on YouTube
        • – The submitted material will be returned on the last day of the exhibition, and the work that receives the prize will be vested in the organizing organization.
        • ※ Oct. 1st to 10th 2018. Must be received by 5 PM.
      • ○ Registrations through a website: http://www.kicpd.com
    • Inquiries
    • Contact: +82-10-8446-1323
    • Email: pdik0301@daum.net