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  • “Installation of Public Wi-Fi” Voted #1 Most Excellent Policy of Seoul by Foreigners

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    Seoul WiFi

    From November 19-26, 2019, Seoul conducted the “2019 Vote for Excellent Policies of Seoul” targeting non-Korean voters living in Korea or abroad.

    The online poll opened on six foreign language websites of Seoul. A total of 11,872 individuals cast their vote, among which those from English-speaking regions amounted to 73 percent, demonstrating the highest rate of participation.

    The number 1 ranked policy was the installation of public Wi-Fi throughout Seoul, the number 2 ranked policy was the supply of emergency sanitary napkins, which also won the “United Nations Public Service Award,” and the number 3 ranked policy was the Youth Allowance, which helps youths take the reins in designing their own future and create a foundation for the start of their careers. These policies earned 6,244 votes (17%), 4,383 votes (12%), and 3,597 votes (10%) respectively.

    The installation of public Wi-Fi was most popular among all language speakers. Among those who used the traditional Chinese and Japanese websites, the Hangang Summer Festival and Ttareungi, the Public Bike of Seoul were ranked the highest.

    The 12 excellent policy candidates of Seoul were selected among those well-known through the foreign language websites of Seoul, from the categories of investment, regeneration, environment, tourism, culture, and welfare.

    ◆ Ranking of “2019 Excellent Policies of Seoul” Selected by Foreigners’ Votes

    Selected by Foreigners
    Ranking Voting Score Policies
    1 6,244 Installation of Public Wi-Fi Throughout Seoul
    2 4,383 Supply of Emergency Sanitary Napkins
    3 3,597 Youth Allowance
    4 3,421 Ttareungi, Public Bike of Seoul
    5 3,272 Hangang Summer Festival
    6 2,744 Nodeulseom Island of Hangang River Transformed into Music Island
    7 2,625 Seoul-Type Paid Sick Leave Support
    8 2,381 Global Start-up Event in Seoul
    9 2,318 Seoul Book Bogo
    10 2,064 Housing Support for Newlywed Couples
    11 1,537 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism
    12 1,131 Support for Descendants of Independence Activists in Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Movement

    ◆ Explanation of Excellent Policies

    Selected by Foreigners
    Ranking Policy Detail
    1 Installation of Public Wi-Fi Throughout Seoul □ Realization of “Data-Free City” with public Wi-Fi and IoT by 2022
    □ World’s first city to establish a municipal capillary network (S-Net) throughout the entire region
    2 Supply of Emergency Sanitary Napkins □ Winner of UN Public Service Award in the category of “Promoting Gender Responsive Public Services to Achieve the SDGs” in June 2019
    □ Increase the number of institutions that supply emergency sanitary pads to 202 to contribute to the improvement of the rights of health of women
    3 Youth Allowance □ Notable improvement in “resilience,” “self-confidence,” and “trust in the society” of participants compared to non-participants
    □ Results of the 2018 survey on social activities: being employed/starting business 40.8% and creative works 6.4%, 83% responded “very helpful” for achieving the goal of finding a job