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  • Innovative Maintenance Project and Design in Urban Planning Innovations for New Apartment Sceneries

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    Seoul announced the Urban and Construction Innovation (Proposal) on the 12th (Tues.) which is intended to be a step towards actualizing its announcement regarding urban planning innovation aimed at breaking away from being an isolated, dreary “apartment republic” in which areas are cut off from the rest of the city like islands and towards restoring natural spaces and communities to foster more futuristic settings.

    The city will essentially be implementing a new process for urban and architectural innovation. As an arbiter in urban planning, Seoul will work together with residents and offer professional support from start to finish for this restoration project. Seoul plans to inspire more dynamic architectural designs which take into consideration the city’s overall landscape and its connection with history and culture starting from the first step of this project. Residents’ potential will be fostered by increasing transparency regarding the business related aspects of this project so conflicts related to issues of cost, duration, and inconvenience will be drastically reduced.

    To realize these objectives, preliminary public planning will be conducted at an earlier stage of the overall project in order to share the project guidelines. The Seoul Apartment Development Standard will also be organized to overcome the detachment and confinement of apartment complexes as they are and create more open feeling apartments. This standard will also be applied to all future apartment maintenance projects.

    During construction and design, a city organization composed of experts will offer aid to help get innovative design concepts put into new designs. The city will provide a total KRW 100-500 million for design and contribution expenses in addition to the costs required for a Resident General Meeting for the selection of a public proposal.

    Among private buildings in Seoul, housing takes up large portion at 58%, and due to the uniformity and shutdown of many apartment buildings these buildings have an impact on the landscape of the city must be overcome to actualize the 100-year plan for urban planning revolution.

    Seoul’s Urban and Construction Innovation (Proposal) address four main issues: ▴the implementation of a new process for support which is responsible to the public ▴the introduction of the preliminary public planning step for urban planning ▴the urban restoration of apartment complexes ▴and innovation in architectural design. A professional organization will be formed and systematic support will be given for the realization of these four goals.