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  • Inge Veronika Hofmann

  • Recommendation 1124

    I am Inge Hofmann, president and culture manager of German club in Seoul for the last 4 years and wife of the diplomat Klaus Hofmann, German embassy.

    We highly recommend Ms. Sonja Glaser as a Honorary Citizen of Seoul and Korea.
    We knew her as founder and strong voluntary worker for Hippie Korea.
    She offers plenty of activities to integrate foreigners in the korean culture, lifestyle and community.
    She transfers even korean culture, food and lifestyle to the rest of the world.
    As a president of German Club im Seoul we were working together and had interesting culture sharing and inspiration for further projects.
    Please consider our recommendation for Ms. Sonja Glaser as Honorary Citizen of Seoul.

    Name & Title: Inge Veronika Hofmann, President and Cultural Manager of German Club Seoul
    Name & Title: Klauf Hofmann, Diplomat, German Embassy
    Organization: Deutscher Club Seoul, German Embassy
    Address: 60 Jangmunro 9,101 Hillhouse, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
    Tel: 010-4294-4124
    Mail: ikhofmann@gmx.de