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  • Information on Studying in Seoul (University of Seoul)

    00:00:00 Hi everyone.
    00:00:01 It’s me, Mariel.
    00:00:02 Today we came to the University of Seoul.
    00:00:05 You’ll find out what kind of support services they have here for international students.
    00:00:18 So today, we have an international student from University of Seoul,
    00:00:21 who will let us know about the support services here
    00:00:24 for other international students.
    00:00:27 So, please introduce yourself first.
    00:00:30 Hello.
    00:00:31 I’m Wang Xiaoshan and I came from China to study at the University of Seoul.
    00:00:38 Nice to meet you.
    00:00:40 There are more than 150,000 international students who came to study from 236 countries in Seoul,
    00:00:47 and each university, including the University of Seoul, offers support services for international students.
    00:00:55 Then, how many students are studying at the University of Seoul now?
    00:01:01 Around 700 students from 50 countries are studying here.
    00:01:08 There are about 140,000 international students in Korea.
    00:01:15 Are there any special policies for students studying abroad?
    00:01:18 There’s a lot.
    00:01:19 International students can get a scholarship for their good grades.
    00:01:25 And if they study hard,
    00:01:27 it’s possible to get a full scholarship.
    00:01:31 In my university, dramas and movies have been filmed many times.
    00:01:37 That’s why you can see celebrities sometimes.
    00:01:39 Oh really?
    00:01:40 Ah~ here at the University.
    00:01:42 Wow, it’s amazing.
    00:01:45 Today, I had a lot of fun because I could hear about the life studying in Korea.
    00:01:52 Thank you for coming today.
    00:01:54 It was a pleasure to see you.
    00:01:57 See you again next time~
    00:01:59 Bye!
    00:02:01 The University of Seoul helps students gain experiences and knowledge by offering various programs based on agrrements with leading universities around the world.
    Those programs include dual-degree programs, language training programs, and global internship programs.
    00:02:08 The University of Seoul is located in Dongdaemungu, Seoul, and is popular among global students for its affordable tuition.