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City of Seoul

  • Influencer Amanda meets Seoul City Public Communications Bureau Officer!

  • City of Seoul SMG 1599
    0:05 Hello
    0:06 Can you guess where I am now?
    0:08 Guess what I am doing now.
    0:10 I think anyone can’t do that.
    0:12 It is amazing when I think now.
    0:14 It is a long story.
    0:16 I will talk about it slowly.
    0:17 I have been to Korea a year or two years ago.
    0:20 And Then,
    0:21 I met public officer in Korea
    0:23 And talked with the officer.
    0:25 His duty is Seoul city’s Public Communications Bureau
    0:30 I will ask him for introducing himself
    0:31 And what he is really doing specially a bit later.
    0:34 Coincidentally,
    0:36 He will stay in Wuhan for a few days.
    0:39 That is because there is a cultural exchange event of South Korea and China.
    0:42 Also I stays in Wuhan as it so happened.
    0:44 Gardener’s Fun

    0:46 It is a place that I made precious.
    0:49 That is why I am going to welcome and treat him.
    0:51 I am going to have lunch with him
    0:53 The Director General left Korea a few days ago,
    0:56 So he might be eating Wuhan food.
    0:58 There might be no chance to have Korean foods.
    0:59 So today,
    1:02 I am going to make Samgyetang that the Koreans usually have in the summer for him
    1:04 I have ever made Samgyetang before.
    1:06 And the other thing is a food made with lotus root.
    1:10 I have ever said before to you guys
    1:11 Lotus root is a special ingredient in Hubei
    1:14 It is a seasonal ingredient
    1:16 Only in early summer
    1:18 There is no next chance after this time.
    1:19 So I would like Korean visitor to taste it this time.
    1:22 It is a special ingredient at this season in Hubei
    1:33 I am cooking chicken.

    1:35 It takes about 40 minutes to an hour to cook
    1:38 What I am preparing now is a lotus root.
    1:40 Before we do, I gave lots of lotus root recipe.
    1:43 Tody, I am going to fry it with sour and spicy flavor in the most authentic way.
    1:46 I am cutting off garlics
    1:49 It is almost finished, I think.
    1:59 Hi Amanda
    2:00 Hi 你好
    2:02 You are here.
    2:04 The Samgyetang is completed soon.
    2:06 Try the appetizer first.
    2:10 Good afternoon.
    2:12 Please wait for Samgyetang for a while.
    2:13 Try the appetizer first.
    2:17 I will introduce it simply.
    2:18 This is a mango pickled with peppers and salt.
    2:21 And this is an Okra.
    2:23 Last time, the schedule to go to Seoul was very tight.
    2:25 So, I have not talked much with the Director General.
    2:28 We can talk more each other this time.
    2:31 Very tasty.
    2:35 Hello. I am the officer in Seoul city’s Public Communications Bureau.
    2:43 I usually give necessary information about Seoul city and let citizens know what we do for them.
    2:47 Why do you visit Wuhan this time?
    2:50 I heard that China is very good at City brand marketing, especially making good use of influencers, and that is why we are here to learn it.

    3:08 It is said that the Koreans usually have in the summer.
    3:12 Because many people are exhausted by the heat in the summer,
    3:15 They eat ginseng in Samgyetang known as a nutritional supplement for helping win hot summer.
    3:28 Samgyetang is ready.
    3:30 Here is Saymgyetang.
    3:39 Helf yourself.
    3:41 It looks delicious
    3:43 I am going soup first
    3:45 So good.
    3:46 I appreciate it.
    3:56 I think you can sell your Samgyetang in Seoul.
    3:59 Really? I will do that if I have a chance.
    4:03 Which food did you have in Wuhan?
    4:07 I had ‘hot dry noodles’ and tofu foods a lot, its taste was very similar Korean good flavors.
    4:20 ‘Hot dry noodles’ is a food that people living in Wuhan likes most.
    4:24 People in Wuhan usually have a breakfast.
    4:27 That is, they think having a breakfast is very important.
    4:30 People should have a breakfast.
    4:32 Amanda
    4:34 This is a booklet that conveys various news of Seoul
    4:39 This is a traditional market in Seoul. It is possible to taste a variety of market foods. One of them is called ‘Nokdu-jeon’, which is a tasty Korean style pancake made with mung beans.
    4:57 I have never tried it yet.
    5:00 I wonder if it is sweet or salty.
    5:02 It is very light and savory.
    5:06 Can I see that booklet?
    5:07 I will give you this as a gift.
    5:08 Thank you very much.
    5:12 There are many tourist attractions and natural environment as well as foods in booklet.
    5:19 It is like a travel booklet.
    5:24 I will refer to it next time.
    5:28 The last food is almost completed.
    5:29 I will take it. Please wait for a moment.
    5:37 Try this first.
    5:38 I have no idea whether you have ever tried it before or not.
    5:45 I like it.
    5:45 It is an immature lotus root.
    5:48 I heard that the lotus root is very popular.
    5:50 You are right. Many lotus roots are produced in Hubei.
    5:52 That is because there are lots of lakes in this region.
    5:57 And thus, we have many lotus roots recipes.
    5:59 The immature lotus roots like this
    6:01 Is a local specialty.
    6:04 And it is a ingredient only in this season.
    6:07 It is very soft and tasty.
    6:06 Its texture is very similar to lotus roots.
    6:11 Oh right, let me offer you a drink.
    6:13 Cheers.
    6:17 Could I get one more?
    6:20Thank you.
    6:21 Do you like Chinese foods?
    6:22 Which flavor do you prefer?
    6:25 I like stirred-fried Bok Choy and fried pork belly in soy sauce.
    6:32 These days, My Korean friend said
    6:35 That eating Chinese foods in Korea is in trend.
    6:38 Which Chines foods have you ever tried in South Korea?
    6:41 The trendy Chinese foods
    6:43 Such as ‘Hot Pot’, a Shabu-Shabu, which is very trendy nowadays and also restaurants are being increased.
    6:53 A Korean Entertainment Company said
    6:57 they really welcomed that Chinese influencers came to Korea and work.
    7:02 Yes, we have been cooperating with them if they visited from China or Anywhere else
    7:11 For example, offering Studio, broadcasting equipment, and location aid.
    7:21 Yes? Then I can get location aids and borrow broadcasting equipment.
    7:26 That sounds interesting.
    7:28 I appreciate it.
    7:30 Amanda, I really thank you for treating us today.
    7:40 I prepared a gift. This is an apron that you can use when cooking.
    7:49 Wow, I really like the packaging.
    7:51 Is this an apron?
    7:53 It matches well with you. Looks great.
    7:58 Thank you. I really appreciate it.
    8:03 We are operating Chinese hompage (chinese.seoul.go.kr) for giving various news and information of Seoul,
    8:14 And also you can see all beautiful pictures and video of Seoul.
    8:29 Especially nowadays, We made a video of Seoul’s beautiful scenery, which a famous photographer Steven McCurley was modeled.