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  • Industrial Accidents Involving Migrant Workers to Be Resolved at Seoul Global Center

  • SMG 2382

    The Seoul Global Center announced its intention to expand its counseling service for foreigners to include professional counseling on industrial accidents. Accordingly, the center will provide a professional counseling service on industrial accidents once a week from 2 pm to 5 pm every Tuesday, beginning on May 17.

    Counseling at the Seoul Global Center , General view of the Seoul Global Center

    The new professional counseling service on industrial accidents will be provided in seven languages, namely English, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Russian.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government stated that both the number of industrial accidents and that of compensation cases have increased in line with the increasing number of migrant workers. However, the City said that many migrant workers fail to proactively seek resolution of their problems because they do not know which organizations to turn to for help, lack communication ability or legal knowledge, or are unregistered with the authorities. To address these problems, the City has expanded its professional counseling service on industrial accidents.

    The number of people involved in industrial accidents amounted to 98,645 in 2010, of whom 5,599, or 5.7 percent, were foreign migrant workers, reflecting the rising trend of accidents involving such workers.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Global Center offers not only general counseling but also professional services provided by lawyers, certified public labor attorneys, certified realty agents, and licensed tax accountants to help foreigners facing legal difficulties.