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  • Indonesian Incentive Tourists Ride Seoul Public Bicycles

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    Indonesian Incentive Tourists Ride Seoul Public Bicycles

    100 employees of Indonesian insurance company AXA visited Seoul as part of an incentive trip from April 24 to 27, 2017. The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held a Hangang Ttareungyi Tour at Yeouido Hangang Park for them.

    Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon rode the full course of 2.5 kilometers at the beautiful Hangang River on Ttareungyi, testifying to the possibility of Ttareungyi as a means for foreign tourists to navigate Seoul.

    In order to speed up the process of attracting MICE tourists to Seoul, the SMG will temporarily operate the Seoul Special Experience Program until the end of 2017. Employees of AXA are the first to participate in the program.

    ※ Seoul Special Experience Program (April – December 2017)

    • ① [New Tourist Attraction] Walking on Seoullo 7017
    • ② [Nature] Biking at Hangang River
    • ③ [History] Trekking at Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall
    • ④ [Tradition] Participating in Hanbok, Hangeul, and traditional instrument programs operated for members of “Seoul MICE Alliance”
    • ⑤ [Hallyu] K-POP dance or hallyu makeup
    • ⑥ Domestic travel agency-recommended program (after selection)

    * Seoul MICE Alliance: A public-private partnership established in 2010 for the purpose of cultivating the Seoul MICE industry and joint marketing. Currently, there are 230 members including convention centers, hotels, travel agencies, international conference agencies, and performance groups.

    Support Plan for the Seoul Special Experience Program

    ❍ Support Target

    Incentive travel groups that visit Seoul until the end of 2017 and stay in Seoul for at least two consecutive nights with a combined stay of 100 nights or above for all participants

    ❍ Support


    ❍ Application: On-line http://kr.miceseoul.com/support/corporate.php

    ※ Inquiries: Seoul Tourism Organization, 82-2-3788-0826

    • 【Traditional Culture Experience】
    • Namsangol Hanok Village: Hanbok trial, commentary on cultural assets
    • Jeongdong Theater: Janggu, pansori, Korean dance
    • Hera Fantastic: Percussion performance, traditional theater
    • Korea House: Bibimbap+hanbok+folk performance, food, handicraft (Paper art, mask-making, etc.), art (dance, garment-wearing, etc.)
    • National Hangeul Museum: Hangeul as a font
    • Samcheonggak: Daily tea ceremony, traditional music – janggu, traditional mask-making, folk painting, kimchi-making, makgeolli brewing, etc.
    • Mugyewon: traditional culture program