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  • Individuals’ Clay Animation Production Program Gains Popularity

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) are running an “Experience Stop Motion Animation Production” program, in which children, teenagers, and ordinary citizens create animation movies with colored clay. The program is becoming immensely popular.

    Character making with clay, Filming by moving a character, Finished clay animation movie

    “Experience Stop Motion Animation Production” is a long-standing experience program that is operated at the Seoul Animation Center in Namsan, Seoul. The fee for participation in the program is 2,000 won per person. (Inquiry: Cartoon and Character Team at +82-2-3455-8341~2, 8346; and website http://www.ani.seoul.kr)

    Stop motion animation is an animation genre, in which an object (i.e., doll) is filmed while being moved ever so slightly, and is seen as a moving object when the films are screened successively.

    The program is gaining in popularity as a course for teaching children and teenagers about their potential future careers. It is so popular that people are visiting the Seoul Animation Center not only from nearby Incheon and Bundang in Gyeonggi-do but they are also coming from distant locations such as Chungcheongnam-do and Busan.

    Additionally, foreign students of foreign schools in and around Seoul, and foreign tourists are also signing up to participate in the program as groups. Thus, a growing number of foreigners are taking part in the program, which is a rarity.

    The “Special Animation Exhibition” is offered free of charge at the exhibition hall in the Seoul Animation Center to allow visitors to learn about the animation production processes in Korea and Japan. Comics House, is an archive of cultural contents where books and films are displayed. It is another facility that is also highly sought after by visitors throughout the year.