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The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS)

  • Incheon Jung-gu Office: The History of Government Offices in Incheon

  • The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS) SMG 3663

    Construction of the present-day Incheon Jung-gu Office began on August 19, 1932. After a total of six modifications to the floor plan, the office building was completed on June 20, 1933, with one basement level and two above-ground floors. Jung-gu Office is located on Incheon’s Gaehang Nuri-gil, which is where many Japanese settled after they opened the Incheon port and where visitors can now enjoy the pleasures of modern Incheon. Jung-gu Office is a particularly symbolic building, having begun as the Japanese Consulate following the opening of the port and still remaining in use today as a government building. After years of service as the Japanese Consulate and 40 years as an Incheon city government building, discussions began to be held about remodeling the decrepit building. Completely lacking the decorations of the more eclectic architecture that was popular at the time of its construction, Jung-gu Office was built in a simplified, yet modern architectural style from the 1930s. The main building is flanked by the east and west annex, which are connected to the second story of the main building. As it has been used as a public building since its construction, the exterior of Jung-gu Office is relatively well preserved. On the other hand, continuous extension and extensive remodeling projects have changed the interior of the building dramatically. Nonetheless, the office building still remains a symbol of the administration of Incheon, spanning from the opening of the port, the colonial period, and liberation to the modern era of today.