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  • Incheon Airport offers bus, taxi discounts

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     Use of taxi and airport bus offers discounts! 

Premium Limousine 2,000 won discount / Standard Limousine 1,000 won discount 

1.Seoul – Incheon International Airport User: Discount provided when an airport bus is used within one hour after the use of a taxi 

2.Incheon International Airport – Seoul passengers: Discount provided when a taxi is used within three hours after use of airport bus

    Incheon International Airport is offering a discount of up to 2,000 won for users of airport bus services or taxis as of Dec. 1, Seoul City announced. Anyone can enjoy the “Airport Bus-Taxi Discount Service” simply by using a transportation card that Seoul City says will give cardholders the opportunity to save 1,000 won to 2,000 won on trips to Incheon International Airport from Seoul when using airport shuttle buses or taxis.

    Seoul City said it aims to contribute to easing traffic congestion, and thereby reduce pollution, by expanding use of public transportation services.

    As the Airport Bus-Taxi Discount Service boosts airport accessibility, it is also expected to ease traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the road by up to 24,000, according to Seoul City.

    Under the service program, taxis will pick up a customer at his/her own doorstep and transport the customer to a nearby city airport bus terminal, allowing commuters to get to Incheon International Airport with comfort and ease.