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  • In preparation for the G20 summit, Seoul has extended the operational period of the Hangang water fountains

  • Integrated News SMG 2280

    Seoul City announced on October 27 that it would extend the operational period of the Hangang water fountains to November 14 to highlight the beauty of the river to the world during the G20 summit

    Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Floating Stage Water Fountain

    The fountains were scheduled to cease operations by the end of October, but now the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain (Banpo), the World Cup Fountain (Seonyudo), the Music Fountain and Water Screen (Ttukseom), the Plaza Fountain (Yeouido) and the Mirror Fountain (Nanji) will all continue to operate in to November.

    In October, there was a citizen participation event in Banpo Hangang Park that proved a smash. Thus, the event has been extended to November 14.

    Citizens send stories they have narrated in the form of MP3 files, and the stories are introduced right before the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is switched on.

    The event is popular with those planning a marriage proposal, but it also offers an opportunity to express gratitude or make an apology to a family member or friend.