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  • Improved Official Uniforms for Professional Tourism Guides Unveiled

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    On May 30 the Seoul Metropolitan Government unveiled the new official uniforms that have been designed to enhance the professionalism of the 117 tour guides who serve as tourism diplomats by providing a high quality interpretation and guidance service to foreign tourists.

    Tourist Information Center Before

    Currently, 45 tourism guides are working at Tourist Information Centers in Seoul, while 72 others are deployed at Mobile Tourist Information Centers.

    The new official uniform for the mobile tourism guides has a highly elegant design that highlights their professionalism as high-quality human resources, while maintaining its practicality and utility by taking into consideration the characteristics of their duty as staffers working outdoors and on the move.

    Tourist Information Center After The Seoul Metropolitan Government expects that the official uniforms will boost the sense of affiliation among tourism guides and instill them with pride, while providing foreign tourists with an image of tidiness and thereby increasing their affection for Seoul.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will also install a new Tourist Information Center at the City Air Terminal (Basement Floor 2 of Korail Airport Railroad at Seoul Station) which opened at Seoul Station last December, and operate it from May 30.

    Currently, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating sixteen Tourist Information Centers and eight Mobile Tourist Information Centers at major tourist attractions across the city to introduce Seoul to more than 5,000 tourists.