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  • Import substitution effect worth 185 billion won of crude oil gained by incinerating 730,000tons of waste

  • Integrated News SMG 2881

    With the heat generated by incinerating 730,000 tons of waste out of a total of 1.1 million tons of combustible municipal waste at four resource recovery facilities in Yangcheon, Nowon, Gangnam and Mapo in 2011, the city of Seoul gained an import substitution effect worth 185billion won of crude oil or 1.33 million barrels of crude at current prices.

    The volume of clean and renewable energy thus obtained is equivalent to the amount of energy required to heat 190,000 households or 14% of all apartments in Seoul (1.32 million units in 2010).

    The heat generated by incinerating one ton of household waste can provide clean heating energy for one household for 90 days; so four tons of waste can produce sufficient energy to heat a household for 365 days.

    Note: Our assumption that the energy obtained from 730,000 tons of waste would heat 190,000 households is based on the average household heating energy consumption of 9Gcal.