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  • I’d Like to Have Food Delivered to the Hangang River!

  • Issue / Project SMG 5997
    Hello, everyone. I’m Deng jing from China.
    I’m at Hangang River, one of the most scenic places in Seoul.
    Today, I’m going to order delivery food at Hangang.
    It’s going to be awesome to eat delivery food
    while admiring the beautiful view of Hangang River.
    Today I have a friend with me to enjoy delivery food.

    This is my friend Jeongwon Lee.
    Say hello to the viewers.
    Hello. Hello.
    We are going to order chicken and pizza.
    Jeongwon, can you order the food?
    Hello. We’re at Ttukseom Island now. Do you deliver here? Great!
    One pizza and one chicken, please.
    Thank you.

    Did you order?
    When is the food coming? How long do we have to wait?
    They’re going to deliver to Exit 3 of Ttukseom Resort Station.
    It’ll take around 30 minutes.
    30 minutes?
    Awesome. Let’s wait.

    My face is bigger.

    I’m so hungry. When’s the food coming?
    Me too. I haven’t eaten anything.
    Me too. We’re waiting.
    Isn’t that the delivery man?
    Hello? Great. Thank you!

    Thank you.
    Bon appetit!
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

    At last! I’m so excited.
    I think we ordered too much.
    This is a lot!
    My favorite!

    So refreshing!
    Let’s eat!
    Bon appetit!
    Let’s do this!
    Sis, do you like the leg?
    I love the leg.
    I prefer the breast meat.
    You do?
    We’re perfect for each other!
    Look how quiet we’ve become since the food arrived.
    I know.

    Want some pizza?
    Yes, please!
    Wow, that looks spicy.
    It’s not that spicy.
    You’re right.
    Wow, this is quite good.
    I know.
    Let’s toast with the pizza.
    Don’t forget the beer.
    The beer is so refreshing and tasty.
    I agree.
    This is the best.

    Let’s come again next time!
    Sure thing.

    Back at home, there are no rivers.
    So eating chicken and drinking beer by a beautiful riverside was quite a treat for me.
    I love the fact that in Seoul, you can enjoy the great view of the river while eating delicious chicken and beer.
    I feel great.

    Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
    Out of the five challenges,
    I enjoyed eating chicken and beer while chatting with my friend the most.
    It was so much fun.
    If you ever visit Seoul,
    experience as many things as possible.
    Seoul has so many delicious restaurants and fun activities available.
    You won’t regret visiting.

    Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
    The five challenges experience was awesome.
    I encourage you all to visit Seoul and
    try out for the Seoul Challengers event.

    The next Seoul Challengers is you!