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  • ICLEI World Congress 2015

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    Congress Side Events
    4/8 (Wed)
    ICLEI Global Executive Committee
    (ICLEI Presidential Election)
    Opening Ceremony
    Welcome Reception

    (Hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Afternoon)
    Opening of the Climate Change Exhibition (Apr. 8 – Apr. 11)  
    4/9 (Thu)
    Beginning of official
    Opening Plenary,
    Keynote Speech, Mayors’ Council, Plenaries and Sub-plenaries
    Lunch and Dinner (Hosted by the ICLEI) Announcement of Seoul Declaration
    (Opening Ceremony)
    Seoul ↔ Foreign City MOU,
    Green Industry and Technology Export Consultation Session
    4/10 (Fri)
    Global Mayors Forum
    – Seoul on Stage
    (Introduction of Seoul’s Outstanding Policies)
    – Mobile Workshops at Outstanding Facilities
    Car-free Street Event (DDP)
    (10 am – 4 pm, Mayors’ Procession),
    Evening, Night of Exchange
    (Presentation of gifts, information exchange, and networking)
    Declaration of Seoul’s Pledge
    Seoul ↔ Foreign City MOU
    4/11 (Sat)
    Plenaries and Sub-plenaries,
    Closing Ceremony, Urban Nature
    Farewell Dinner (Co-hosted)
    Announcement of Seoul Action Plan
    (Closing Plenary)
    4/12 (Sun)
    Urban Nature Forum
    ECLEI Staff Meeting

    • Share the experience and wisdom of different cities under the theme “Sustainable Solutions for an Urban Future,” discuss the role of cities to reduce greenhouse gases, and seek methods of cooperation.
    • Taking the opportunity presented by the ECLEI World Congress in Seoul, plans to focus on spreading “Seoul’s outstanding environmental policies” and “Korea’s eco-friendly and green businesses.”
    • Introduce Seoul’s key policies, such as “One Less Nuclear Power Plant,” to the Global Mayors’ Council during the Congress, organize 15 visits to environmental facilities in Seoul, and sign MOUs with over 10 developing countries to simultaneously export Seoul’s outstanding policies and related businesses.
    • Apr. 9: Support overseas advancement of eco-friendly, green businesses in Korea by hosting a consultation meeting at the Grand Ball Room of Seoul Plaza Hotel (Floor B2), participated by foreign buyers from 70 businesses in 27 countries, including major buying organizations with over USD 100 million in sales and government and public organizations.
    • Apr. 10: All four lanes within 310 meters of Jangchungdan-ro, near the DDP, to be made into a pedestrian street. Announcement of “Seoul’s Pledge to Respond to Climate Change,” declaration of support by Global Mayors’ Council, followed by a march of all participants.
    • Aim to achieve smart, eco-friendly Congress – Use recyclable materials in all stages of the Congress as well as the interpretation booths and registration desk. Participants to use personal mugs and cups, and meetings to be organized so that participants can use smartphone applications to view conference materials.

    • “Flowers Bloom in Seoul” (Apr. 8 / Seoul Plaza, Hosted by Landscape Division)
      – Sponsored by Starbucks, includes programs such as used paper cups/travel mugs
      exchange, flower pot-making session, etc.
    • “Eco-Friendly Market”(Apr. 9-11 / Seoul Plaza)
      – Eco-friendly, urban-style farmers’ market, eco-friendly projects market booth
      to promote green consumer culture
    • “Art Up Festival” (Apr. 10-11 / DDP Eight Junction Plaza, Hosted by Resource Recirculation Division)
      – Showcases artworks created by both citizens and artists using plastic bottles and other
      waste resources
    • “Hope Sharing Market” (Apr. 12 / Gwanghwamun Plaza, Hosted by Resource Recirculation Division)
      – Citizens’ market for sharing eco-friendly products and selling recyclable projects
    • “Participating Organizations’ Events and Cultural Performances”(Apr. 8-11 / Seoul Plaza, In collaboration with the SFAC)
      – Performances, events, and eco-friendly cultural performances
      held by civic organizations and NGOs

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