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  • I was too LATE for the 4th mission

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1008

    I just found out about the 4th mission today and I was too late to submit my opinion about the one of my favorite policies out of the Top 10 New Policies set by Seoul Metropolitan Government. This is just a sad situation and I apologize for not being able to deliver my 4th mission well.

    If I had to choose I would definitely choose Policy No. 8 as it would be a lot of help for the first timers to South Korea. Being the referral person myself about Seoul among my friends who are not familiar with Seoul & South Korea, this new policy will definitely be a great help to them.

    I hope the new tourism website will have every valuable information and guidance that it can give to the new and existence web visitors. May it will be one of the favorite web to visit among the travelers! All the best to all of us!