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    I LIKE!!! Space TORRA

    My first travel destinations will be at SEOUL, hmmmmm so where should I stay? Where will I eat? What are the things I would do to make my travel was so memorable and yet not so expensive trip? Those are questions that comes in my mind when thinking about my trip in SEOUL, Hotels? far from my budget, I need to fit my expenses to my budget so I can do all the things I wanted while I was on my trip… I have read this one on the facebook fanpage and I think it really suit me Kudos to admin of Seoul Korea Fanpage, Ive read this on one of their post about Seoul and these 3 things will suit me and to my budget.
    Homestay or Guesthouse its one of the SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT programs that can provide for 666 guestrooms to foreign tourists. Whoah that was huge one and I will be one of foreign tourist who will visit SEOUL

    I LIKE! SPACE TORRA for my place to stay This place was not so cozy but so stylish….THUMBS UP!!! For the place Did you like it too? well It was one of the many guesthouse available in SEOUL and you can choose from it.

    I LIKE!!! Seoulicious SEOUL

    Yes!!!! Im in love with food specially korean noodles have you tried it too? Im a spicy eater so everytime I eat spicy things I cant take off my hand on the table but dont put too much vegetables on my table because Im not a vegetable lover though I eat vegetable sometimes, too much sweets is no no for me I like sweet but not so many hahahaha, SPICY food is my medicine lol just kidding…So I got my place at SPACE TORRA in SEOUL, Heres my Seoulicious food in Seoul well a lot of variety food in SEOUL you can choose form, not the spicy but a regular one, I know a lot of you are not Spicy eater, so name it then youll have itAlso try the street foods in seoulyummmmmyyyyyyyy

    Seokparang Restaurant and Traditional food in Seoul was the thing I should try on my trip. . .

    And last for my activities in Seoul Sorry for the blurred pictures I have

    I Like!!!
    Seocho Park
    Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung palaces
    Magic Island of Lotte World in Seoul

    These 3 place was my extraordinary experience in Seoul, Good catch right?

    Oooppss too much things I LIKE in SEOUL lol… but these are the things I wanted to say about I like in SEOUL, The place where I could stay, The Food I should eat and The things I wanna visit in SEOUL.

    Korea is one of the rich culture country and the best country to visit… Seoul is the first thing you should visit in Korea and you will be surprised how beautiful it is