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  • I Like! Seoul. A City of Surprises

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    This is my fifth month living in Seoul, and I feel settled into my life here. I can get to any place within the city or beyond, in any type of public transportation. I can load my subway T-money card in Korean! Haha. I can blend with the locals in a crowded place. I enjoy kimchi, or any side dish served with a meal. I can finish a big bowl of bibimbap— with gusto! Yes, I feel like home.

    I LIKE! SEOUL. I was charmed the moment I got here. The city is beautiful in winter, and twice as lovely in spring. I love the landscape of Seoul transform in different seasons. And there are countless of other reasons. Seoul is a city of endless, pleasant surprises. There is always something fascinating waiting around the bend. In Seoul, I never lose my sense of wonder!