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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • I like Haechi… and I like the cultural vitality of Seoul.

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    No need to be in Seoul for too long to notice Haechi. He is EVERYWHERE, he is even winking at us while proposing the first Global Seoul Mates mission.

    You surely know who Haechi is, most of Koreans call him Haetae. Covered with scales, a horn on his head, a bell around his neck and small wings… he is the guardian of Seoul. Legendary animal of justice and integrity, he rewards the good and punishes the evil.

    I really love what he embodies. The Haetae on this picture is in Dongdaemun Culture and History Park. He is made of used bottles which is already quite a symbol.

    Haetae is an old symbol but this one is brand new. He represents for me this Korea that we are all living in – between modernity and tradition.

    He also represents this soooo dynamic cultural life in Seoul. This city has so many art galleries, concerts, happenings that it is amazing. What is even more amazing is that, all kind of koreans attends those events, no matter their backgrounds. Here culture is alive.