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  • I•SEOUL•U Ready to Move Forward with Seoul Brand Committee

  • SMG 4697

    On May 20, 2016, the Seoul Metropolitan Government designated a total of 26 experts specializing in brand, marketing, and communication as members of the Seoul Brand Committee at a ceremony held at Seoul City Hall.

    The committee is a legal committee based on the Seoul City Symbol-related Ordinance, promulgated and implemented on the day preceding the day of the designation.

    The SMG set up the lineup that will work on the solid establishment of    as a brand representing people in Seoul by calling up members of the Seoul Brand Promotion Committee, celebrities known for their skills in marketing, management, advertisers, and councilors.

    For the application and the spread of brand led by the citiznes, as a leader of public-private governance, the committee will play various roles including consulting and coordinating concerning the publicizing of the Seoul City Brand  , making strategies to push ahead with relevant collaboration in the public/private sectors, and promote Seoul City brand-related policies