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  • I•SEOUL•U Friends 1st Recruitment

  • SMG 5147

       was officially chosen as the new Seoul brand in May 2016, as the result of a municipal policy decision. In July, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will recruit ‘   Friends,’ comprised of a hundred citizens, and will publicize the beauty of Seoul using the brand   .

    ‘   Friends’ will not only participate in the program, but will also take the lead in planning and executing various projects to enhance the value of Seoul’s image and brand.


    □ Recruitment targets: Any individual who loves the Seoul brand
    ※ No limitations on nationality, age, or gender
    □ Recruitment period: June 20 – July 22, 24:00
    □ Recruitment number: 100 persons
    □ Recruitment method
      ○ Seoul Brand homepage (http://seoulbrand.go.kr)
    □ Recruitment sector: Choose one of the following four fields
      ○ Planning team for citizen participation campaign
        – Plan and execute citizen participation campaigns for expanding the Seoul brand
      ○ Discovery & publicity team for the beauty of Seoul
        – Plan and execute the discovery of Seoul’s hidden beauty to improve the image of the city
      ○ Promotion team for the Seoul brand
        – Plan and execute public art and public campaigns using the Seoul brand
      ○ Production team for Seoul brand contents
        – Produce and expand contents using the Seoul brand such as videos, design projects, and others to
        promote Seoul.

    □ Result announcement: July 29, 2016
      ○ Announcement will be made on the Seoul Brand website and individual text messages will be sent.

    □ Preference criteria for selection
      ○ Individuals who provide ideas on the field of application or ways to expand the Seoul brand.
      ○ Individuals who have work experience in the field of application, or majors of the related field.
      ○ Participants of the Seoul brand development (Seoul Friends), foreigners, etc.

    □ Activity method: Autonomous planning by teams and self-execution
      ○ Devise periodic activity plans through free discussions by teams, and carry out the plan.

    □ Activity period (1st group): Date of selection – December 31, 2016 (expected date)

    □ Incentives
      ○ During the activity briefing session, the team displaying the highest level of excellence will be awarded a certificate of merit granted by the Mayor of Seoul.
      ○ Participants who take part in more than 70% of the team and group activities will receive an Activity Certificate’.
      ○ Payments will be given based on performance (activity reports, proposals, promotional videos,
      webtoons, etc.)
      ○ Programs offered for strengthening related abilities upon request (professional training, field
      experience, mentoring, etc.)
      ○ Participants registered in the 1365 Volunteer Portal as a volunteer can be granted volunteer working

    □ Activity procedure

    □ Inquiries: City Branding Division (☎2133-6192, gogoforit@seoul.go.kr)