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  • I·SEOUL·U’s 3rd anniversary Achieved 98% likeability

  • SMG 1230

    I SEOUL U’s 3rd anniversary Achieved 98% likeability

    I SEOUL U Survey Seoul City conducted a survey for foreigners in November 2018 on Seoul’s city brand

    I SEOUL U Awareness As a result, 9.5 out of 10 persons responded ‘I am aware of I SEOUL U.’

    This is a 7.8% increase compared to 87.7% awareness in 2017, which indicates that over 95% of foreigners are aware of I SEOUL U.

    I SEOUL U Likeability The majority (98%) of foreigners who participated in the survey responded that they ‘have a positive attitude towards I SEOUL U.’

    Likeability increased from 90% in 2017 to 98% in 2018, indicating the positive impression I SEOUL U has made on foreigners.

    I SEOUL U Recognition Route According to survey results, foreigners mainly learned about I SEOUL U through Social Media.

    I SEOUL U As Seen By Seoul Citizens Then what do Seoul citizens think? According to survey results on 1,000 Seoulites, 84% answered ‘I am aware of I SEOUL U,’ and 70.7% expressed likeability.

    This is a 21% increase in awareness, and a 17.9% increase in likeability as compared to 2016.

    - 3rd Anniversary of I SEOUL U - Seoul thanks you for your warm support and continued involvement :)