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  • I·Seoul·U Partners Pop-up Store

  • Seoul BroadCasting News SMG 3617
    [Anchor] The city of Seoul has opened its first pop-up store selling souvenirs and various other eye-catching local products. The merchandize is made of small and mid-sized companies based in the capital. Our Eum Ji-young was there.

    [Reporter] The “I Seoul U Partners Pop-up Store” has opened near Hongdae, a university neighborhood popular with young people and tourists.
    In making products to sell there, the city says it worked with 17 local small and medium-sized companies.
    “Through this event, the city hopes to promote the ‘I SEOUL U’ brand. This pop-up store is meaningful because the city of Seoul and small and medium-sized firms are working together to create value. I’m expecting about 3,000 customers to come to the store in the next 12 days.”
    The store has more than 95 kinds of merchandise.
    The products are classified into three sections ‘Kind Seoul’ with products reflecting eco-friendly values, ‘Cool Seoul’ with fashionable goods, and ‘Pleasant Seoul’ featuring decorative items.
    The Kind Seoul section has locally-designed bags made of recycled thread and key rings featuring endangered animals.
    In the Cool Seoul section, there are fashion items such as I Seoul U t-shirts, hoodies with pictures of Seoul and products imprinted with the Korean alphabet Hangeul.
    In the ‘Pleasant Seoul’ section, there are coloring books featuring scenic views of the city and socks representing its tourist attractions.
    “To promote this pop-up store, busking performances from magic shows to dance routines will be held while the store is open.”
    Even better, if customers bring the brochure they got from the busking show, they can get special perks, including discounts.
    Also, shoppers have a chance to get free gifts when they post about the store online.
    This pop-up store in Hongdae will be open until the 1st of next month.
    Eum Ji-young, Arirang News.