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  • I·SEOUL·U Online Wedding Experience with Influencers

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    Global influencers introduce the elegant wedding culture of Korea and beautiful sites in Seoul!
    From the dress selection to hair and makeup and an outdoor photoshoot, the influencers from all over the world have experienced I‧SEOUL‧U Online Wedding. Take a look at the final outputs of the photoshoots and making films.

    I‧SEOUL‧U Online Wedding Experience with Influencers

    @ Wedding photoshoot content by Instagrammers

    Check out the wedding photos taken with the help of Seoul’s professional hair/makeup artists!

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    @ Video of online wedding experience with influencers

    Check out the video of influencers experiencing Seoul’s diverse wedding culture!

    • [ENG] Wedding photoshoot experience of Sissel, Seoul’s global honorary ambassador

      Sissel, who is active as Seoul’s global honorary ambassador, experiences a wedding photoshoot with her guy friend. We invite you to the site of her wedding photoshoot, from her dress fitting to a hair and makeup experience, and an outdoor photoshoot at Seoul’s noted sites!

    • [CHI] 1-day wedding photoshoot experience by Korea Dongdong, influencer of Korean-Chinese culture (with Zhang Yi Wen)

      A wedding photoshoot at their first meeting?! A collaboration video with Korea Dongdong, an influencer in Korean-Chinese cultural exchange, and Zhang Yi Wen who featured in the last episode! The bride Korea Dongdong wore a romantic wedding dress and received makeup that highlighted her personality. Experience Korea Dongdong’s exciting day!

    • [CHI] A true Korean-Chinese couple: Fishdo and her boyfriend

      Want to know more about Korea’s wedding studio, dress, and makeup packages? Fishdo, a Chinese businesswoman currently residing in Seoul, and her Korean boyfriend took romance wedding photos together.
      Come experience Seoul’s fun wedding photoshoots with Fishdo!

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    @ Participating influencers

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