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  • I·SEOUL·U Holds Korea’s First Flash Mob Awards Ceremony

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    I·SEOUL·U Holds Korea’s First Flash Mob Awards Ceremony

    I·SEOUL·U , the brand of Seoul Metropolitan Government, is holding a flash mob awards ceremony to cheer for the citizens who keep hope while living a hectic life in Seoul. The awards ceremony will start at 2PM on December 8 in the waiting room of Seoul Station.

    I·SEOUL·U will hold a flash mob event with approximately 80 members of the Korea University Cheerleading Association (KUCA) from 12 universities, where prizes are awarded “by citizens to citizens.”

    The prizewinning works of the storytelling contest for I·SEOUL·U “Seoul for Us” implicitly express Seoul and the stories of living in Seoul as seen by foreigners, people with disabilities, North Korean defectors, and married immigrant women.

    The top prize was awarded to “Story of Seoul in the Imagination of Us,” a video which imaginatively narrates a story hidden within the hectic life of day and night in Seoul. The creator of this work depicts a day in Seoul where tyrannosaurus dinosaurs come to work every morning to drive the elevators in downtown Seoul, the duck pedal-boats on the peaceful Hangang River fight fiercely to secure their positions, and buildings that twinkle every night use the people in them to send signals to one another. This piece won high points both from the panel of expert judges and through an online vote by citizens. With witty imagination, a fundamental character of the storyteller, it expressed the interesting daily life of Seoul.

    In particular, this contest drew attention due to participation by a number of foreigners, from places including Mexico, Egypt and China. The creator of “The Story of Seoul by an Overseas Student from Mexico”, who first came to Seoul as a tourist and later as a university student, expressed that he hopes to spend most of his life in Seoul in order to make Seoul a “better place for all” as he met friendly people in Seoul who reminded him of his home town. Seoul, as seen by foreigners, has grown into a very special city filled with diverse cultures.

    Grand Prize: Story of Seoul in the Imagination of Us, First Prize: Story of Seoul by a Man and Woman from Hamgyeong-do, Participation Prize: Story of Seoul by a Student from Mexico

    Some of the prizewinning works have excellent quality, fit to be used even as a theme song for I·SEOUL·U. Overall, a large number of the works were moving stories based on actual events and moving messages to Seoul. The prizewinning works will be utilized in publicizing the value of I·SEOUL·U “Seoul for Us” to citizens.