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  • I·SEOUL·U Friends 2nd Recruitment

  • SMG 9675

    I·SEOUL·U Friends is a group that promotes the I·SEOUL·U brand, which was created by Seoul citizens. They devise and execute ideas for various projects for the city of Seoul, which should be relevant, relatable and beneficial to its citizens.
    Just like last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is again recruiting ‘I•SEOUL•U Friends and encourage everyone interested to participate.

    • □ Recruitment Targets : Recruitment Targets ※ No limitations on nationality, age, or gender
    • □ Recruitment Period : February 2nd, 2017 (Thu) – February 16th, 2017(Thu)
    • □ Activity Period : March 2nd, 2017 (Thu) – December, 2017 ※ Activities will be held once a week during the intensive activity period (March – September) and once every two weeks from July to August.
    • □ Recruitment Number : 100 people ※ About 20-30 people by sector
    • □ Recruitment Method :
    • □ Recruitment Sector : Choose one of the following four fields ※ Refers to the content about the 1st ‘I•SEOUL•U Friends’ activity in the attachment file
      • Planning Team for Citizen Participation Campaign
            – Plan and execute citizen participation campaigns aiming to promote the Seoul brand
      • (New) Supporters for City Administration
             – Plan and execute the promotion aiming to help Seoul citizens relate to the city administration
      • Production Team for Seoul Brand Content
             – Produce and expand content using the Seoul brand such as videos, card news, design projects, and others to promote Seoul
      • (New) Global Supporters ※ Only foreigners can apply
            – Plan promotions and events about the city’s administration and Seoul brand using global online communities and SNS
            – Reconstruct and spread the videos, newsletters and designs created by I·SEOUL·U Friends to expansive areas in each language (English, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)
    • □ Incentives : The team displaying the highest level of excellence will be awarded a certificate of award and the participants will receive the Activity Certificate plus be granted volunteer working hours, etc.
    • □ Result announcement : February 28th, 2017 (Tue)
      • ○ Announcement will be made on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website along with the Seoul Brand website, Individual text messages will be sent
    • □ Inquiries : City Branding Division (☎2133-6189, leca0123@seoul.go.kr)




    Activities of 1st I·SEOUL·U Friends

    □ Planning Team for Citizen Participation Campaign

    Promotion of Seoul Trails Hidden Camera Event for Good Deeds Hand Painting by Citizens’ Participation Event for Encouraging Subway Engineers


    □ Discovery & Publicity Team for the Beauty of Seoul

    Production of Seoul Guidebook Event to Experience Seosulla-gil Event to Rent bean Bags in Hangang Park Translation & Production of Multilingual Guidebook About Seoul Attractions


    □ Promotion Team for the Seoul Brand

    Promotion Team for the Seoul Brand Writing Messages Arousing Sympathy on Cup holders Designing Streetlights in Crime-Ridden Districts


    □ Production Team for Seoul Brand Contents

    Designing I•SEOUL•U Friends Outdoor Uniform Establishment and Operation of I•SEOUL•U Friends Facebook Production of Coloring Postcards Featuring Images of Seoul Attractions Designing Handkerchiefs as Gifts