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  • Hyunjin Kwon

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    Hello. My name is Hyunjin Kwon. I am confused of sender and recommender but I want to make sure that Gisela Verdin is a Person I recommend to be an hononary citizen of Seoul. Email Address above is Gisela’s. (supposed to be recommender and recommendee I think )

    Gisela Verdin has been promoting everything about Korea on her blog for long years outside of Korea, Mexico City.


    She contributed her tremendous effort to Korea Culture Center (KCC)under Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism. She has done all those only because she loves Korea without even single payment or rewards at all. Therefore KCC invited her to visit Korea twice, Year of 2010 and 2012, to participate its program of “Nation Tour including Jeonju, ULeungdo, Dokdo.”

    Her love of Korea is wordsless. She could not stop her dream to live in Korea so she has landed in Seoul last year. Not only if you check her blog above but even on her facebook, she introduces Spring of Korea recently & posted her experience, places she visited in Korea


    Her favorite food is Dweanjang JJigae she cooks by herself and it tastes EXCELLENT! Since she loves to cook, she cooks all korean food much better than any other Koreans.

    She teaches little kids English & Spanish as a voluntary worker. Her Favorite Kpop Star is Big Bang. I never forget her big happy Smile everytime she came after Big Bang Concert even though she is not rich.

    I worked at the Presidential Council of Korea Brand with our former President MB Lee until 2012.



    I strongly recommend Gisela Verdin to be an Honorary Citizen of Seoul. Therefore her love of Korea should be rewarded somehow.

    my Email adress is linusally@naver.com

    Thank You very Much.