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  • Hydro power plant operation in several areas of Seoul beginning in 2013

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government will begin the installation of hydro power plants starting in 2013. Hydro power plants produce electricity using waterfalls, created by the discharge of water. The first plant will be installed in the Noryangjin Distributing Reservoir.

    The Government will install a hydro power plant (capacity: 360kW) at the inflow tube of Noryangjin Distributing Reservoir in 2013. The power plant will produce alternative energy results measuring 565 TOE annually by producing 2,680,000kW of electricity each year, which can be used by some 740 households for a year.

    In addition, Seoul City signed an MOU in September with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (or “Hansuwon”), which is Korea’s largest power plant company, for the investment and development of renewable energy and for a joint investigation of the potential development of hydro power plants. Hansuwon will invest in new and renewable energy facilities such as fuel cells, solar power, and hydro power, which will produce electricity worth a total of 790 billion won in public facilities of Seoul City such as the Subway Train Depot and the Water Recycling Center by 2015. Among the investment, some 100 billion won will be invested in hydro power plants to produce 10MW.

    Hansuwon plans to make a model case of new and renewable energy production facilities by designing facilities that can increase energy efficiency with the introduction of the most advanced facilities. Seoul City will revitalize the use of hydro power plants by helping Hansuwon’s projects through administrative assistance such as the use of public facilities and the simplification of approval and permit procedures.

    Streams in Seoul City do not create big waterfalls compared to other large cities, which have big natural waterfalls. However, Seoul City has an abundant flow of water, so it needed to develop an economical technology to overcome the limitations of the existing hydro power plants. By securing its own technology of low-waterfall high-efficient hydro power plant facilities, Seoul City will be able to use hydro power in various areas of Seoul, and it expects to achieve a target amount of hydro power (1,250kW by 2014) as part of the project “One Less Nuclear Power Plant” by installing the first hydro power plant at the Noryangjin Distributing Reservoir.