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  • How far have you ‘upcycled?’ Seoul Upcycling Festival in Sept.

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    Seoul Upcycling Festival

    Seoul Upcycling Plaza, Korea’s largest upcycling complex culture area, is holding the Seoul Upcycling Festival during the month of September to celebrate its one-year anniversary.
    Seoul Upcycling Plaza opened its door in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on September 5, 2017 in order to lead an upcycling culture, fostering the upcycling industry and selling upcycled products. The plaza itself houses lifestyle workshops and exhibition halls, as well as reusable goods workshops, and more.

    This event is a citizen festival that will let citizens experience an upcycling culture that is applicable to food, clothing, and shelter in an exciting way, and teaches people how to incorporate it into their daily lives.
    Throughout the duration of the event, there will be 4 upcycling exploration/experience education programs, and an upcycling exhibition will be up for enjoyment starting from September 5th.

    Main events include various experience/educational programs, such as the upcycling forum opening anniversary event ‘Resource Recirculation City, Seoul Without Plastic’ on the 5th, the ‘Car Disassembling Show’ on the 8th that shows the sorting process of disassembled car parts, the ‘Upcycling Design Protection Act’ workshop by Design Protection Act professional and Patent Attorney Kim Woong on the 7th, and the ‘Upcycling Traditional Playground’ made out of upcycled materials and turned into a playground which will be open during the Chuseok holidays.

    Seoul Upcycling Plaza is continuing with projects of various fields to spread the upcycling culture and foster the upcycling industry, including holding citizen participation events, experience education, materials research, and product creation and service development for things using waste products. Through this, they are leading the nation’s upcycling field.

    After its opening, the plaza continuously offered programs in which citizens could participate, consequently welcoming 80,000 visitors as it organized 900 exploration/experiential education programs on upcycling, hosted exhibitions, international conferences, and forums on upcycling, and organized an upcycling marketplace.

    Detailed information on the ‘Seoul Upcycling Festival’ events and programs can be found on the Seoul Upcycling Plaza website at (www.seoulup.or.kr).

    Seoul Upcycling Festival

    Seoul Upcycling Festival

    Seoul Upcycling Festival