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  • House Call Laundry Service, Clean Bedding

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    On September 16, the Seoul Metropolitan Government signed a business agreement with the Korea Disaster Relief Association to push forward the “Moving Linen and Laundry Service” project. Key features of the agreement include the selection of the base of operations for the laundry service, provision of large-scale vehicles (8-ton trucks with three washers and three dryers), and the support of disaster relief measures for people with severe disabilities or the elderly who live alone.
    Currently, 33,826 people with severe (grade 1) disabilities, 53,913 with grade 2 disabilities, and 5,929 with multiple disabilities reside in Seoul. In addition, 44,833 senior citizens have subscribed to homecare services for dementia and stroke (4,417 for day and night care, 26,413 for regular homecare, and 13,999 for basic and comprehensive elderly care service).

    To assist these people, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will establish a laundry service support network, in cooperation with 45 rehabilitation centers for people with disabilities and 25 homecare support centers for the elderly, to provide a one-stop service, from picking up to delivering laundry. When a person with a disability or an elderly person living alone puts out their laundry, the operators of the “Moving Linen and Laundry Service” project will contact volunteers from welfare centers to establish a schedule and deliver laundered bedding and other items to their homes.

    Through this support project, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will also provide bedding replacement services for people with severe disabilities and elderly people who have become bedridden due to mobility issues, in an effort to create a clean and safe environment for them to live.