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  • Hosting the Hi-Seoul Walking Festival 2011

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will host the Hi-Seoul Walking Festival 2011, in which Korean and foreign residents are invited to participate, from September 3 ~ 4 in and around Seoul.

    The Hi-Seoul Walking Festival is designed to encompass natural and cultural attractions in Seoul. On September 3, about two thousand people will take part in the festival on two sections: the walkers will depart from Seoul Plaza and follow the Munhwa Tambang Course (13km), which takes in famous sites in Seoul including Gwanghwamun Square, Gyeongbokgung (Palace), Changdeokgung (Palace), Jongmyo (Royal Shrine), and Cheonggyecheon (Stream); while on the Seoul Seonggwak-gil (13km) walk, walkers can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of early fall in Seoul.

    On September 4, about ten thousand Koreans and foreigners will participate in the Cheonggyecheon ~ Seoulsup-gil (12km).

    In particular, by ushering in Hangawi (Chuseok – Korean Thanksgiving Day) with a lengthy stroll, it is hoped that this event will encourage people to think of their health as well as family harmony while on a walking tour of renowned attractions in Seoul. The walking festival is open to everyone including Seoul citizens, disabled people, foreigners, and children. Participation is free and applications can be made via the website.

    Seniors who do not have internet access can apply at the site only for the Cheonggyecheon ~ Seoulsup-gil on the 4th of September.

    For further details, please go to: www.hiseoulwalking.co.kr