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  • Hospitals Opening during the Lunar New Year Holidays can be Checked by Dialing 120 or 119

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    Hospitals Opening during the Lunar New Year Holidays can be Checked by Dialing 120 or 119

    To ensure the safety of citizens during the Lunar New Year holidays (Feb. 15 ~ Feb. 18), Seoul City will install emergency medical situation centers and operate on-duty and emergency medical institutions and pharmacies opening during the holidays.

    67 emergency medical institutions and emergency rooms of general hospitals in Seoul City will operate 24 hours a day as usual, and the operating hours of on-duty medical institutions must be checked before use. A total of 67 emergency medical institutions will open during the Lunar New Year Holidays, including 31 regional emergency centers including the Seoul Medical Center, 20 regional emergency medical institutions including Dongbu Hospital, and 16 hospitals with emergency rooms including Seonam Hospital.

    Regarding on-duty medical institutions, a total of 1,091 hospitals and clinics will provide primary care for emergency patients during the Lunar New Year holidays. Also, a total of 3,269 pharmacies located near on-duty medical institutions will be in operation during the holidays for the convenience of citizens.

    The names of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies that will operate during the holidays in your neighborhood can be checked via phone, internet, and smartphone apps, or by calling 119, or visiting the websites of Central Emergency Situation Center, Seoul Metropolitan Government and autonomous districts. For more information, call our Dasan Call Center at 119 or 120. Digestive medicine, antipyretic analgesics, cold remedies, and plasters (13 items) will also be available for purchase in 7,088 stores carrying medical safety supplements, such as convenience stores.