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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

  • Hoping Senior Citizens Center to Develop and Activate Further

  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1367

    News on Senior Citizen Regional Support Center

    Date: 26/8/2014
    Venue: Korean Senior Citizen Association

    Good afternoon. I am so glad to be here today. I am Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon. I would like to give my congratulations to President Kim Sung-hun, Branch President, and staff, including Central President I-sim. It is my pleasure to be here to celebrate the opening of the Regional Support Center, covering 3,258 senior citizen communities in Seoul.

    The launch of the Seoul Regional Support Center will play the role of a control center for senior citizen communities currently operating as autonomous branches, and I hope that senior citizen communities will become more active and develop further.
    The Korean Senior Citizen Association has played an amazing role in this progress. They operate senior corps and subway guide programs to build a safe transportation culture. In addition to this, by operating senior citizen life experiencing centers, they have helped to build communication and a sense of understanding among many generations. They have also conducted cultural events such as senior citizens soccer matches and athletic meetings so that more senior citizens can have a greater leisure culture.

    I would like to give my respect and gratitude to senior citizens in the Korean Senior Citizen Association and autonomous branches for your active participation in your regional societies. You are the living history of the Republic of Korea. After the Korean War, you dedicated yourself to the development of our country and society despite difficult times. You created the Miracle on the Han River and achieved democratization and economic success at an unprecedented speed.

    In his book Only Love Can Save Us, Pope Francis, who gave us a message of hope, said that senior citizens are wisdom bearers who have sacrificed their lives for society. In his speech to Korea, he said that memory and hope give us inspiration and lead us into the future. Throughout the world the memory, wisdom, and experience of senior citizens are great pillars of humanity. That is why the Seoul Metropolitan Government is doing its best to make a world where senior citizens are happy, and the later years of senior citizens, who have dedicated their entire life to the nation and societal development, are peaceful and fulfilling. We must all put more efforts into this noble goal.
    I once promised to become as your first son, and I hope you still remember that promise. I respect you as I respect my parents. I sincerely hope that all senior citizens have a long and healthy life. Thank you.