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  • High expectations for the Seoul Design Fair 2010

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    Designs for All

    Last year’s Seoul Design Olympics, which drew as many as 3 million visitors, will this year appear with a new image and a new name – 2010 Seoul Design Fair, Seoul City has announced.

    The third annual event will take place from Sept. 19 to Oct. 7 under the theme “Designs for All” at the Jamsil Sports Complex and the four specially selected design clusters: Hongik University, Dongdaemun History & Cultural Park, Gangnam, Sinsa-dong, and Guro Digital Complex.

    Seoul City, the organizer of the event, said such a format will allow businesses, designers and citizens all to enjoy the fair.

    Diverse programs

    The Seoul Design Fair will be holding a variety of educational programs serving as a participatory medium with the aim of helping to invigorate the economy, create jobs, serve as a communications outlet with citizens and gain support for the design industry.

    The economics section will serve to strengthen the market functions and the industrial design of the exhibition, while designers and brands will be able to promote and sell their products directly to visitors.

    The Seoul International Design Exhibition of the participatory section has seen a significant rise in participants this year, organizers said. As of June 1, applicants totaled about 2,400, with overseas applicants accounting for more than half of them. Some of these international hopefuls included overseas companies and globally recognized design schools, such as Politecnico di Milano.

    The Seoul City event also features a free design course event open to everyone.

    Program Box
    Economics Section
    • Seoul Living Exhibition
    • Seoul Brand Exhibition
    • Seoul Design Asset Exhibition Seoul Design In Market
    • Domestic Design Commercial Exhibition
    • Overseas Design Commercial Exhibition
    Participatory Section
    • City Design Exhibition Global Design City Exhibition
    • Food Design Exhibition
    • Seoul International Design Competition
    • Seoul International Bicycle Design Competition & Festival Seoul International Design Workshop 2010
    • Green Garden Panorama
    • University Design Exploration Exhibition
    Educational Section
    • Idea Imagination Experience Booth
    • Design Dream Tree Class
    • Children Imagination Park
    • Public Design Class

    Attendees of the design fair will also have the chance to hear the expert views of globally leading individuals during the Design Seoul International Conference on Sept. 17 and 18.

    The speakers include Chris Luebkeman from the United Kingdom, Stefano Giovannoni from Italy, and John Wood, a professor at the University of London.

    Between 800 and 1,000 design experts from home and abroad, as well as students, are expected to attend.

    Participation forms must be filled out from July 5 through the 2010 Seoul Design Fair home page (http://sdf.seoul.go.kr/).

    Meet environment-friendly designs

    Another focus of the Seoul Design Fair is environmental friendliness. The Seoul International Bicycle Design Competition Exhibition will feature works created with bicycle parts, and the entire first and second floors of the Jamsil Stadium will be filled with a “Green Garden Panorama.”

    Exhibition for global designers

    The Seoul design section organized by the Seoul Brand Exhibition will be designed by renowned Italian designer Alessandro Mendini. An exhibition named La Punta, meaning “summit,” is expected to be shaped like a tower, reinforcing the stature of Design Seoul. Renowned Korean architect Kim Seok-chul will create the city of Seoul’s exhibition hall with squares and triangles to express the “sky, earth and person.”

    The Culture Event Hall expressing the meaning of “cohesion and harmony” will be designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind. He will create four interconnecting structures to illustrate the joining of diverse cultures in one place to represent Seoul.

    The Seoul Design Fair will be open to the public, free of charge, except for the International Conference.

    For more information, log onto the Seoul City home page (www.seoul.co.kr) and the Seoul Design Fair home page (http://sdf.seoul.go.kr/).