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  • Hi Seoul Festival! It’s the Season of Festival

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    Hi Seoul Festival is a seasonal cultural festival that has been held four times a year in Seoul since 2003. Under the slogan of “Gesture of Seoul and Gesture of the World”, the upcoming festival will be held in areas around Hangang parks from October 1 to 10, 2010. As we can see from its slogan, nonverbal performances will be the main content of this year’s festival. In addition, the festival adds more value in that it encourages citizen participation and sharing. It will be the world’s largest nonverbal arts festival, transcending barriers of race, language, generation and culture.

    Performers from 13 countries will stage more than 400 shows

    If you think that there cannot be very many types of performances in the nonverbal genre, you will be surprised. In the Hi Seoul Festival, more than 400 performances will be staged by 70 groups from 13 countries and also some citizen participants.

    There are various nonverbal genres such as street performances, puppet shows, pantomime, musical performances and circus. At the Hi Seoul Festival, you can pick and choose a variety of quality programs.

    In addition, renowned music director, In Jae-jin, will turn Seonyudo into an island of music under the title of “Jazz in Seonyudo”. Twelve next generation visual artists will put their installation works on exhibition, entitled “Osaekchanran”, which means colorful and brilliant in English.

    Especially, this year’s Hi Seoul Festival will infuse an air of festivity throughout the whole city by linking about 20 other cultural events in the country such as Jeonju International Sori Festival, Andong Maskdance Festival, Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Seoul Design Fair and Seoul Theater Olympics.

    This year’s festival will not be confined to downtown Seoul. Yeouido, Seonyudo and Hangang will also become venues for the festival

    So far Hi Seoul Festival has been confined to downtown Seoul, but this year it will spread to the Hangang area.
    Especially, Yeouido Hangang park will be the main venue for the festival.

    In the Big Top Village, a variety of performances and experience programs will be presented. For the 9 days, the exciting performances are expected to attract many citizens.

    The famous art firework group, Group F, will embroider the skies of Yeouido on the eve of the festival (8 p.m. on October 1) and at the opening ceremony (7:30 p.m. on October 2).

    Group F is famous for its creativity and artistry, and took charge of many important international events including the 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Games and in 2009, the 120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower.

    On the last day of the festival, many world street performance groups and about 1,000 citizens will march down the car-free Jamsugyo under the title of “World Street Performance Parade”.

    Citizen participation and sharing will be the keywords of this year’s festival

    This year’s festival will be worth notice in that it will expand the opportunity of citizen participation and sharing.

    A citizen participation program titled, “You!” will turn ordinary citizens into artists in the festival. More than 2,000 citizens will participate in the 10 categories of the program including the performance, “Mobile Homme” in which about 500 citizens will make percussion beats resounding though Hangang.

    The festival will also provide the opportunity of sharing through ‘Eco Market’ for the Beautiful Foundation and ‘Good Buy campaign’ for Good Neighbors. Pop artist, Nancy Lang, participated as design creative director in the production of T-shirts commemorating the festival, and the T-shirts will be on sale and its proceeds will go to charity.

    There will be many on-line giveaway events using various channels including the festival’s website, blogs, twitter and facebook from August 30 to October 15.

    Citizens will be able to see many performances of the world’s renowned artists presented in the entire city for free. Detailed information is available on the official website of the festival (www.hiseoulfest.org).

    2010 Hi Seoul Festival

    • Duration : October 2, 2010 ~ October 10, 2010
      (※Art Fireworks Show on the eve of the festival, October 1)
    • Venue : the whole city centering on Hangang
    • Theme : communicating gesture
    • Slogan : Gesture of Seoul, Gesture of the World
    • Host/Supervisor : Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture