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  • Hi Seoul Festival 2013

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    As the flagship festival of the Korean capital marking its 11th annual event this year, “Hi Seoul Festival” is seeking evolution and changes. The festival was organized with the Seoul Foundation for Art & Culture as the focal point over the past 10 years; following the establishment of private-sector governance this year, however, it will be organized in earnest by the Festival Committee and the festival secretariat.

    Date October 2 ~ 6, 2013
    Venue Central district including Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Plaza
    Host Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation for Art & Culture
    Organizers Hi Seoul Festival Committee
    For inquiries, contact Festival secretariat: 02-2133-0909
    Admission fees Waived for all events
    Homepage http://www.hiseoulfest.org/eng/main/main.php

    Hi Seoul Festival 2013 has been organized to include diverse street art performance programs from Korea and abroad and various programs designed for citizens’ participation, under the slogan “Let’s play on the street.” The festival will provide citizens with an opportunity to experience diverse arts through upscale street art performances from Korea and abroad, together with performances by “Citizen Art Creation Group” wherein citizens participate in person. In addition, the festival will offer programs such as mobile library, street photo studio, and venue for sharing through NGO organizations such as World Vision, Beautiful Store, and Korea Food for Hungry International.

    The Hi Seoul Festival 2013 pursues evolution and change from various angles. It seeks to highlight the characteristic of Seoul to live up to its reputation as a flagship Seoul festival. Offering storytelling under the theme “Memories and Hope of Seoul,” the opening and closing programs entitled “Byeolbyeoul Fantasy” (opening program) and “Byeolbyeol Nanjangpan,”(closing program) respectively are occasions that best showcase the theme of the festival; they open and close Hi Seoul Festival in a very unique manner by presenting stories of Seoul through various street performances.